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Aurora - The Light Game

Aurora - The Light game is based on research project carried out at the University of Tampere, Finland. The game had been tested in several schools in Tampere Region. The results collected showed that 4 out of 5 pupils wanted to play the game again and considered the game better than a normal exercise class. In addition, students who tend not to exercise in their free time felt that the game is better than the normal exercise class. 

Aamulehti, a local newspaper, has published a video of pupils taking part in a light game session. A scientific paper has also been published and can be found here

The aim of the game is to create a fun exercise experience, where children can play together without competing mutually. A twilit room helps the players to immerse themselves into the narrated story.

In practice, Aurora encourages the players to exercise by interacting with the light. The game also provides relaxing and stretching activities. Aurora is versatile and scalable. It can be easily modified to fit the size of the group and the age of the players. As a result, both children and adults can enjoy the game.  


Aurora is compact, easy to use and portable. You only need a spacious room to move around freely. 

The teacher's role is to control the game and monitor the children's performance.

Aurora is suitable for different environments. For instance, schools, daycare centers, nursing homes, cruise ships, dancing and other types of hobby activities benefit from its engaging promotion for sports. Currently, there is a space story game for children. We are developing more interactive games that could be used for dance, gymnastics, relaxing and theater exercises.


Aurora - the Light Game includes all you need for game.


Package includes the following parts:

  • Metal frame
  • Lights
  • Sound system
  • Control Computer
  • Software
  • Teacher support



For more information how to purchase Aurora - The Light Game in your country, please contact:


phone: +358 400 855 246