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Our game selection is constantly growing. In addition, we can also make you a custom games. Contact!


Space adventure

Sporty adventure story 

Duration  ~ 45min

Target group: 2. - 4. grade


In Space adventure, players are astronauts. Spaceships maintain robot is corrupted and brave astronauts have to save the ship by dodging lasers with somersaults, crawl in ventilation ducts and work together to defeat crazy robot. 




Sporty  adventure story

Duration ~  30min

Target group: kindergarten - 5. grade


Circus game takes children on a imagination journey to circus artists life! During the game children are clowns or tightrope walkers. Game also teach children how to make headstand. 




Forest animals

Sporty  adventure story

Duration ~  30min

Target group: kindergarten - 2. grade


Forest animals - game is peaceful and fun game for small children. Children get to know different animals and mimics their movement.  During the game children move like bears, horses or flamingos.



Coming soon!

Custom game! 

Custom game

Duration: you choose! 

Target group: you choose!

Can't find good game for you? We can make custom game fit for your needs. Everything in game can be modified and alter as you desire.